Top 10 Digital Asset Influencers to Follow This Summer

A Recession and a Reset

With the recent declaration of an “official recession” by The National Bureau of Economic Research, the domestic and global economy seem to be in some ways, up in the air.  Recent financial news has spoken of “the global reset.”

Looking to the future, and the hope it holds, we can engage with the economy internationally by looking through the lens of what Greg Kidd, former Chief Risk Officer at Ripple, has deemed as “an intergalactic currency.”

Cryptocurrencies may hold the key to a future of free exchange between places, regardless of geographical borders and unhindered by fees, tariffs, and other restrictions.

When considering worthwhile investments, and curious trends of the future, we recommend following these 10 individuals, as they are not only highly entertaining, but possess a wealth of information about digital assets and how they are behaving in the current economy of recession. 

The Top 10 Influencers to Follow this Summer

  1. The Digital Asset Investor (@digitalassetbuy)

The Digital Asset investor is one of the most notable recent influencers in the world of blockchain and digital investment and has made a name for himself with over 70K YouTube subscribers, and 45K followers on Twitter.  He has capitalized on his background in Finance (he has an MBA from Auburn University) and former-life as a financial advisor to entertain and inform the world about cryptocurrency trends, often giving explanations and educated predictions on what we can expect next from the market. While all of his videos are compelling, we were thrilled to take part in his discussion with Greg Kidd during our last global investment event.

  1. Crypto Eri (@sentosumosaba)

This Tokyo-based female influencer gives “a special angle from Japan,” in her words, on the cryptocurrency news of the day.  She uses her background in IT and eloquent style to offer a fresh perspective that is both well-informed and clear.  Each of her videos provides a brief background story, placing the news in a historical context.  Her Twitter and YouTube following is increasing by the day, and we particularly recommend her recent video on “Ripple & Brazil, XRP Low Volume…” where she points out the connection between Japan and Brazil, which is relevant to Brazil’s recent announcement of their own payment network.

  1. Mr. B XRP (@XrpMr)

Apart from his notable animated profile image, a man in a fedora smoking a cigar, this digital asset persona is one to watch for his intentionality. A professed XRP investor, since 2018 he’s been producing weekly content with a focus on XRP and Ripple specifically, explaining the movements of these in the context of the public marketplace and exchange marketplaces, bringing up other actors such as MoneyGram.  Watch his conversation with his friend David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple, for a compelling look at the company’s own perspective.

  1. Investment Perspectives (@BakkupBradley)

Professing to be “the average joe” investor, Brad Kimes is perhaps one of the most approachable to make our list.  In his YouTube channel introduction, he states “we are witnessing the greatest financial paradigm shift in the history of mankind.”  Making commentary on some of the most notable news in cryptocurrency, his discussions bring the highlights from key players into a scope that is casual and easy to chew on. Some videos we recommend are “The Coming Reset of the International Monetary System” and his reflection on Brad Garlinghouse’s (CEO, Ripple) recent statements. 

  1. Rob “Crypto Bobby” Paone (@crypto_bobby)

Boasting an astonishing 133K subscribers on YouTube alone, this social-media savvy cryptocurrency influencer produces playful videos such his “Crypto Happy Hour” and “Crypto Coffee Hour” series, as well as bigger picture updates such as “How the Crypto Industry has changed.”  Keeping his style youthful and relevant, he rounds out our list of our influencers to watch now. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next 5 influencers that have made our list!