(Part II) The Top 10 Digital Asset Influencers to Follow this Summer

Here are the next 5 influencers that have made our list!

6. The Coin Bureau (@coinbureau)
This UK-Based influencer has intrigued us as of late with his easy-to-comprehend reviews on each of the major trending cryptocurrencies. Recent videos of his include reviews and comparisons of Ethereum, BitCoin, and ADA. If you want to familiarize yourself more with the specifics of each currency option, we highly recommend his YouTube channel and his daily newsletter as well. Along with his team of analysts, he provides a way for us to “navigate the often murky cryptocurrency markets” and “adventure into the cryptoverse.”

7. Anthony Pompliano (@APompliano)
Having been actively reporting “for duty” on the subject of cryptocurrency for nearly a decade, you’ll certainly want to add him to your list. His military background aside, Pompliano, better known as “Pomp,” is one of the most active Influencers in our list, producing daily videos and a daily newsletter on technology and the future that cover a range of topics from Bitcoin-halving, the government’s use of funds during COVID-19, interviews with notables like Warren Buffet, and lunch-time finance discussions with his wife. He has near celebrity-status in the world of finance and has appeared on BBC News and CNN, among others. He is also the co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital.

8. The Modern Investor (@ModernInvest)
The modern investor, based in Barbados, has been consistently producing daily videos since 2016 on the subject of cryptocurrency and in today’s world, we find his daily updates indispensable. Boasting 157K subscribers on YouTube, he has a loyal following of viewers and we count ourselves among them. His headlines are lighthearted and fun, such as “Money Printer Go Brrr” and “Can’t Ban This”(a play on the song, “You Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer). We’re a loyalist to this modern investor, and we think you should be too.

9. Alex Cobb (@AlexCobb_)
As the youngest influencer to make our list, this “teenage cryptocurrency investor” and blogger is paving the way for the next generation to enter into the cryptocurrency world. His radio-esque style is as well-informed as it is engaging. His YouTube videos are favorites when we need to re-energize. His style of speaking transports you somewhere between the trading floors of Wall Street and the stands of a major-league baseball game. Let’s just say if we were to make a list of the most entertaining influencers in this space, Alex Cobb would top that chart. Follow him on YouTube under Alex Cobb.

10. Kevin Cage (@Kevin_Cage_)
Our final influencer for this list focuses mainly on Ripple and XRP. In his latest video, “Time Proves All but I Like the Odds,” he explains how pricing of XRP has yet to rise at the levels of other digital currencies but explains its potential. If you’re looking for an in-depth focus on this crypto in particular, he is the perfect addition to your list. Keep in mind that Ripple is now available on our platform for your purchase. We think Kevin would recommend stocking up on it, and so do we.

Stay tuned for our next Article, as we continue to focus for the rest of this week on CoinBase.