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By on November 3, 2014

It’s All About Trust

In a tech savvy world where every grandmother is on Facebook and every kid has a smartphone, why do only 50% of us bank online? It’s a trust thing.

  • Users don’t trust cyberspace with their sensitive financial data
  • Users don’t trust themselves and want a banker assisting with important financial transactions

But why do digital banking and banking directly with your bank’s teller have to be mutually exclusive? With Linqto’s new Personal BankerTM application you can now bank from any device by contacting your bank’s representative and having them complete your transactions. Just like going to the bank. Only from the park… or the coffee shop… or the couch.  Anytime, anywhere banking with the safety and trust of going to the branch.

Bank safely without sending your sensitive data over the wire. Bank from anywhere without having to physically visit the bank or ATM. Safety and convenience is now possible in online banking.  Linqto Personal banker is a software application which introduces a real-time video conversation with an actual, on-duty, bank teller into the financial transaction.

Whenever you use mobile or online banking and need the assistance of a bank representative, simply click the “My teller” button available on your bank’s website or mobile app. Linqto Personal banker gives face-to-face banking a totally new dimension, by making it equally remote and human.

This new patent pending technology lets banks empower local branch tellers with unlimited accessibility for their customers, without customers visiting the local branch.

Deposit your check from the park with Linqto Personal Banker


Let’s assume you’re enjoying your lunch break, or you’re having a day off and you’re playing with your kids in the park. You have to deposit a check, but you either don’t have time or you’re simply not in the mood to ruin all the fun to pay a visit to the nearest branch. It’s a substantial check and you want to be sure it is handled correctly by the bank.

All you have to do is use your smartphone or tablet and login to your bank’s website or application.

  • Click the “My Teller” link from the navigation pane and within seconds you’ll receive the assistance of a virtual teller from your local branch
  • A video stream will start and after a friendly personal greeting, your personal bank teller will ask details about the banking transaction you want to handle.
  • Once the bank teller launches the phone camera application, you simply have to snap a photo of the check, indicate the account in which you want to deposit the money and the bank teller will execute the transaction
  • Your check will be deposited and you will receive a digital receipt with your new balance.
  • It’s that simple. It’s that safe.

Find out how you can walk your dog and wait in line at the bank at the same time. Contact your bank for details and ask them if they use Personal Banker. If not, have them contact their software provider or Linqto.

A teller from any branch can assist you so wait time is minimal.

A teller from any branch can assist you so wait time is minimal.

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Dune Thomas is Vice President of Mobile Banking Solutions for Linqto. For over 15 years, Dune has worked as a consultant, multimedia developer and solutions architect serving dozens of tech-industry giants. Turning his focus towards mobile development and systems automation in recent years, Dune is currently leading automation efforts for Digital Insight and NCR in the financial mobile app sector.


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