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Bill Sarris is a recognized expert in the field of streaming and collaborative technology and the inventor of Linqto technology. Bill has delivered major enterprise software applications for Microsoft, Intuit, Digital Insight, NCR, Google, Stanford and other clients. With over a decade of experience in financial services applications, digital and mobile banking, Bill's work has received the Forrester Groundswell Award and he holds numerous software certifications.

Calculators calculate. Bankers offer valuable advice.

Bankers Offer Expert Advice

By on November 2, 2014

For twenty years digital banking has made life easier and more convenient by providing remote access for completing transactions, first from computers and now from any mobile device. It’s time for a new era in digital banking. One that brings back the relationship


Digital Insight – Leading in Customer Excellence

By on May 24, 2014

Today’s hyper-connected society has left behind traditional ways of meeting customers’ expectations and is built around omni-channel strategies. Businesses no longer focus strictly on making their services available on a single touch point but on shaping unified customer experiences. The banking

Promotion Suite for Mobile Demo

Digital Insight at Finovate

By on May 16, 2014

A record-setting crowd of 1,300 attendees witnessed the launch of the latest fintech products during FinovateSpring. One of the 67 companies that unveiled their groundbreaking solutions on April 29 & 30 in San Jose, California during this demo-based conference was

Use your phone to bank with a banker, not a program.

Mobile banking, win them over with security!

By on May 9, 2014

Phishing, spam, malware. There’s an overload of warning news and online alerts about financial scams. We hear about them every day and sometimes even login to our online banking just to make sure our accounts are safe. If everybody is


The Future of Small Banks

By on May 1, 2014

Digitize Without Dehumanizing! Since 2008, we’ve learned a lot about the structure of the current banking environment, dominated by the Big 9. In 2013, surveys indicated that particularly these “too big to fail” institutions still keep 66% of Americans angry


In a World of iPad and Smartphones, Banking Still Needs to Feel Personal!

By on April 27, 2014

According to a study conducted by Digital Insight regarding the leading trends for the Digital Banking Industry in 2014, US population’s deposits will continue to flow into the same 100 most powerful financial institutions. Graph source: The Top 10 Trends